Caring for survivors of modern slavery

About Us

The Strongtower Foundation is a charity supporting survivors of modern slavery. We provide a safe place to recover from trauma and rebuild their lives through counselling and workshops.

We hope that one day our work is no longer needed. But while there are victims of modern slavery, we want to be here to offer them the safety, hope and choice they deserve.

What we do

We care for survivors of modern slavery and protect vulnerable people by offering safe housing and providing holistic support. Our housing programme supports survivors with an aim to build to tools for independent living.

The Strongtower Foundation is built on Five Pillars of support for victims. These pillars offer a foundation for independence and freedom.

Befriending & Support Network

Our befriend scheme facilitates survivor connections to their local community so that they can get to know the local area and touch-base with our team in a non-pressurised environment. The interaction can range from helping with shopping to a coffee and a chat in the local park. This service is essential to community integration.

Counselling & Mental Wellbeing

We work with trained volunteers to help victims develop emotional skills, cope with life challenges and manage their triggers; this will enable them to function independently and socially. This can range from 1-1 counselling to art and music therapy.

Education & Employability

We work with careers advisors to help victims consider their future, opportunities and career path. We partner with organisations to provide essential skills-development for future employment and/or education in preparation for living independently, finding work and becoming self-sustaining.

Life-Skills Training

We support survivors of modern slavery by sharing essential life skills that will help with confidence building, such as cooking classes and healthy eating habits.

Finance and budgeting skills are a core part of this service. We aim to teach survivors to manage their budget and learn about savings with the aim to one day a deposit for independent living in private accommodation.

Self-Discovery & Discovery Tools

A core part of independence is identity. Our programme integrates volunteer-led self-discovery sessions chosen by the victims. This can range from book-clubs to baking to gardening.